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The heart

the heart

It’s often illuminating to get spirit’s perspective on something we so take for granted that we don’t think about it any more. Towards the end of 2013, I wrote with a spirit communicator about what the symbol of the heart meant to them. 

The heart – 30 November 2013

I was a doctor in what you would call the Victorian age. Our knowledge of human physiology was limited but growing. We knew where the heart was and what its function was within the body. We could not mend or remove or replace it as doctors can now – albeit still with limited success. But we thought we knew what it did. One one level we were right, on another level our knowledge was limited. And the knowledge your doctors have now is also limited.

You must be wondering why I am writing of the physical heart when the question relates to the heart as a symbol. In answer I ask you to consider this. For hundreds – some would say thousands – of years, man has known what the heart was for, its physical function within the body. Why then does man still persist in ascribing to the heart quite different functions? Why is the heart seen as the seat of the emotions – especially of love and yet also of fear, of dread? Of course this is linked to the fact that when such strong emotions are felt, the pattern of the heart’s beating alters. Your hearts beat faster when you are falling in love, when you experience passion, or fear, or dread. And yet again doctors have known for a long time the physical reason for such manifestations.

So why does this obsession with the heart continue? Why do Valentines cards bear hearts aplenty? Why do you “heart” New York? Why is this person your heart’s desire? Why are you sick at heart? Because you know what the heart looks like. You know its shape and size. It is a physical thing that is affected by your deepest feelings. It is the easy option. What is the alternative? What is the true source of such feelings – such love, hope, fear – if not the heart? Can you draw the soul? Or the ego? Or the shape of a thought?

The heart is a symbol for all those deeper places that have no shape, no substance in the way you understand substance. If you could draw the ego, give it a shape, surely that is where you would place most of your fears? If you could draw the soul, if its shape were as familiar to you, as universally recognised as that heart shape, surely that would be on the front of your Valentines card. For do you not love that person “heart and soul”? You acknowledge the truth in passing but in your human world where to see, to touch, to feel, to hear, to smell is at the ‘heart’ of every experience, the heart will maintain its place as the centre of emotion. For you can hear it beating, can feel it.

To spirit, where of course there are no physical hearts, the symbol means nothing beyond what we understand your perceptions of it to be. Our love has no shape as we have no shape, as you perceive shape to be. But our love for you is limitless, vast. Too vast for a heart to contain. The soul is shapeless and formless and defies the physics of your world. For your soul exists both within your physical body and without. It is as small as a pea and as vast as the universe. It has an unlimited capacity for love, for life, for joy and nurturing and sustaining. To attempt to draw the soul is as mind boggling as trying to draw God or the whole universe on the shell of a nut.

We understand the heart symbol and humanity’s need for it but we encourage you to think beyond it; to think beyond the need for a physical representation of your own capacity for love and joy and inner peace. You are not your heart, you are your soul – and your soul is as limitless as creation; as timeless as creation; as whole and perfect as you were, are and ever will be.

We soul you.