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Travels in space and time


By August 2000 a group of us had gathered into what I now know was a development circle. None of us realised that, though – we were just a small group of friends and colleagues, exploring the various ways we seemed to be able to connect to spirit. It was an amazing adventure and we threw ourselves into it headlong. How fortunate that we had wise guides looking after us!

One of the things I discovered I could sometimes do, aside from the writing, was to let spirit speak through me – and they often overshadowed me while I was doing it. The others in the group would see my appearance change, depending on which of our guides was coming through.

Here’s an excerpt from one of those early sessions. One of the other participants had just been talking about experiences he occasionally had in meditation and in dreams, where he seemed to travel through space. He’d also just witnessed, for the first time, my features change, morphing from one appearance to another and then to pure light rather than a face. (I’ve used P1/P2 to protect participants’ privacy. The names mentioned are those of two of my spirit guides.)

 Travels in space and time – excerpt from a group session 24 August 2000

Tybran/Louise: P1 is ready to understand. How you and I – how we all –  appear is transient. We can all travel to many places. Places where we are, where we have been, where we will be. P1 has done this before but only to visit people he has known or known of. But this is unlimited. You need only trust yourselves. Trust that the way you seem to travel is real. People who die do not stay in some twilight world. They move on. The places they move on to are as real as where they were and where you are now. You have to understand there is no now. Everything, everyone you are, you have been, you will ever be, is now. If you let go of the ties to how you think and feel in the now, you can be everywhere, in all the worlds you perceive. You can use the knowledge you have of the past and the future. P1 wonders where he may travel, yet he has travelled there already – a thousand times. He needs only recall the memory, to recall it as a present truth.

P1: What is my purpose?

Tybran/Louise: A very big question. You are a part of a much greater you. You are not aware of them. You need only know that if you follow your heart, you will be as you were meant to be this time. It is not prohibited to be happy. In doing what you heart draws you to do, you can also achieve your purpose, in this life, in this moment. There is no bigger quest than to be true to yourself.

P1: Where (should I travel to) next?

Tybran/Louise: To your heart, to where you dreamed you would be. To where you once believed you dared not go. If you live your lives as they were meant to be lived – not idly, not with constraint, but with joy, with purpose, with self-belief – you can fly; you can spiral upward, until you leave behind what you have thought of as home. Free yourself of these constraints and you will begin to see what we are capable of together. You are not alone. You have never been alone. And now that you know that we are here, you will never be alone again. We are here when you need us.

P1: What advice would you give me about the chastisement my (late) grandmother has given me?

Soledad/Louise: We are not only Tybran. We are Soledad, too. Your grandmother – she is close to you. She means well. She wishes to help you. She is passing through one of the many layers we all pass through. She lingers, wishing to help you, not wishing to embark on another life until she fulfils her purpose to help you. This is fine. It is not hurting her or you. It is transitory. You will move on; she will move on. Listen and talk to her – as much for her as for you. Never forget, those who move beyond the veil need your help as much as you need theirs. Listen to your grandmother. You will both move on when the time comes.

P2: What should the group of us be embarking on?

Soledad/Louise: The group will have energies the individuals do not possess. This power should be used for the greater good. Bring negativity and you create evil.  Bring positivity and you create love. Love is undervalued and underestimated. If you do not believe you have the power, you will always be afraid. Come when you are ready, when you are positive, and the power is yours. We will help and advise you. We will not let you over-extend your abilities, either through ignorance or force of will. We are stronger and wiser than you but only through practice. We are the same but we have travelled further. Listen, believe – we are the same.

Work but do not toil. When you feel there is an energy behind everything you do, everything you dream of, this is work but not toil. Discipline, yes – toil, no. Action must be taken, beliefs must be upheld. Be ready: listen, observe, prepare, know yourself. Then you will be ready. Know that you are not alone, in your world or in ours. None of you is alone.