My name is Louise Barbara Wylie and, in one way or another, I’ve always been a storyteller.

I’ve written fiction and poetry all my life and swapped making up stories for my children for a career in PR and communications, which I suppose isn’t that much of a stretch. I’ve never known when the urge to tell a story would strike or questioned where the inspiration came from – I was (and am) just glad when it arrived.

And then, on 25 March 2000, something happened which changed my storytelling forever. I was looking over some notes I’d made, late at night, and suddenly my hand was writing –  but they weren’t my words. It sounds mad but there was no denying it. My hand was holding the pen but it wasn’t me who was writing in that curling script, huge and illegible, page after page, until I finally began to make out the words. And no sooner had my befuddled brain asked ‘who on earth is this?’ but the person with the flowing script replied.

And so began a thorough interrogation of what was in the supper and the wine that night, and of my sanity. Eventually, having proven to my own and others’ satisfaction that I was quite well, I did what I regarded as the only rational thing: I accepted I was talking to a real person and I set about finding out who he was and how on earth we were communicating.

All these years later, I’ve not been disowned by my family and I’m still partial to a glass of wine. The difference is, I have a vocation and a radically transformed view of life, death and rebirth. I have wonderful mentors – here and in spirit – who are helping me to develop as a medium and to stretch my wings as a writer, speaker and teacher with spirit. I’m not religious in the accepted sense but I have faith – in myself and in a loving, supportive energy that is present in all of us, if we want to connect with it.

So these days I live my life with that connection to spirit at its heart. I find it enhances every very human day and strengthens me for the challenges life still presents  – and that’s why I’ve decided to share some of my writing with spirit via this blog. I know there are people who can’t accept the existence of anything beyond our physical lives and that’s OK. I don’t seek to preach. But to anyone who’s curious, if you find a moment’s comfort, or connection, or a smile in anything that spirit has written through me, I’ll be very happy.

I’d also like to say thank you to Sarah Tyler-Walters, who is a fine teacher and whose classes helped me to strengthen and explore my written connection with spirit. You can contact Sarah at http://www.voicesofspirit.co.uk.

2 thoughts on “About

    1. louisebwylie Post author

      Thank you so much, Suzanne. Spirit speak to me about a bridge of light, across which I’ve been travelling since I began writing with them, towards (I suppose) my destiny. Trust and not needing to know is very much part of the process! The banner image is the closest I could find to represent that bridge.


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