Human conflict

human conflict

I’ve been writing with spirit since 2000 and many times, over those years, I’ve wondered: how clear a channel am I? How much do my own views, beliefs or prejudices influence the words that appear on the page or, in the case of my developing mediumship, the messages that I receive for others? As my teachers on this side of life and in spirit frequently remind me, learning to trust in the words or messages I receive – which sometimes don’t make any sense to me but hopefully will to the intended recipient – is absolutely essential.

There is no better test of this necessary detachment than to select an issue about which I feel particularly strongly and then aim to get totally ‘out of the way’ while spirit write about it. And then, of course, to have the presumption to share with you what I’ve written. In this instance, there was never any doubt in my mind what I would end up asking spirit to write about – which just made it more difficult to sit down and do…and even more difficult to publish. I did decide to remove explicit reference to the particular situation which triggered the piece because I believe that my guide’s words apply to all human conflicts and should be read in that light.

Human conflict – Tybran, 10 August 2014

I chose to step forward for this task because I have incarnated on your Earth. I have lived on your Earth during many ages of humankind.

In those lives I experienced war and peace. I was involved in conflict and separate from it. I have felt empowered to act, and by so doing to effect change, and I have felt powerless. I say this to illustrate that I remember what it is to be human, to be involved, to be confused or conflicted. To be terrified or to be angry – to be so outraged that I could no longer think clearly.

But it is not from any of those perspectives that I address you today. I speak to you from spirit, as spirit. As such I may appear removed from those experiences, from your reality. But in truth I see your reality with more clarity, with greater depth of field, than is possible for you.

Those of us in spirit who have lived lives on Earth do not forget what it is to be human. On the contrary, we remember everything. All those experiences are assimilated into our greater selves, become essential essences of us. They give us depth and richness of viewpoint, of not merely knowledge but of understanding. We are not human, we do not experience emotions in the same way as you do – but we remember and we love and care for you, from the very essence of what we are. Each of you has a greater self in spirit who is feeling as we do and observing as we do. We are separate and we experience your lives from a different perspective, but we are not in truth removed from you.

As a human I have been the oppressor and the oppressed. I have been the victor and the victim. I have survived the conflict and I have perished. As spirit I tell you that I never won. No one is ever the victor when that victory comes at the expense of another. No matter the passion, the belief, or the provocation, violence solves nothing. Violence begets violence; pain begets pain.

Yes, as a life ends and the soul returns to spirit, there is learning. But the learning is only that such actions were unnecessary, that the same lessons could have been learned without violating another. During the course of a human life such actions lead only to suffering and when the soul returns to sprit it realises that those same actions gained it nothing save the indelible knowledge of that suffering. For this reason, most human victories are short lived in spirit.

Each soul must learn and grow at its own pace and that sometimes means repeating the same lessons, especially the most difficult lessons, over and over again until they are truly learned. I did so – and so have, and do, countless others.

Some aspects of learning about conflict and violence come more quickly than others. Relatively few take up arms, commit violence on others, life after life, without provocation. But the desire for justice through retaliation, the desire to respond to those provocations, is a harder instinct to fight and a lesson that often needs repeating.

On a more instinctive level still is the desire to win and hold territory. It is a deep-rooted human desire and is at the heart of your present crisis. (Edit) Mother Earth belongs to no one but herself. Do the many millions of bacteria that live on and within a human body lay claim to it as their own? Ridiculous, you cry – my body is my own! How can a bacterium or a colony of bacteria own me, or even a portion of my gut? How can I compare the two? You would not entertain the notion for a moment that bugs could own your body.

Consider then that you are roughly in proportion, to Mother Earth, as that microbe is to your body. No single human being, nor human tribe, can lay true claim to any portion of the Earth. Like the bugs upon your person, you inhabit a vessel that sustains your life, and often you inhabit that portion of her that is most suited to your physical make up. If you multiply too rapidly, or move to too foreign an environment, either you or the vessel or both begin to suffer. You begin to do damage to the very environment that sustains you. Either the environment fights back, or the neighbouring tribes whose area you have spilled into (for is not an infection akin to an invading army?) will begin to fight back to stop your encroachment. Nature requires balance and ownership does not deliver balance. Neither the humans upon Earth nor the bacteria upon a body, owns the host. Your relationship is at best symbiotic and at worst your presence is tolerated.

I speak generically…(edit) but the sadness is that it would do no good to focus on specifics for, as in all conflicts, the root cause is the same. The harsh but essential lesson to the souls involved is the same.

None of you owns the land. At the heart of the conflict, a conflict that is generating such pain and fear and violence, is that deepest and most fundamental misconception. Take away the territorial aspect of humanity and you take away the primary cause of all your conflicts. Many humans would say it was religion, but almost always, conflicting religious beliefs are a cover story. Fighting over territory – over the ownership of soil and rock and air and water that in truth belong to no one – is the true source of human misery.

I do not wish to appear, even for one of your moments, to sit in judgment. That is not spirit’s role. I speak only from love and from an understanding of what it is to be human and to confront these most basic desires and fears. I speak from the perspective of a greater self whose soul units have fought your battles – physical, emotional and moral. And I tell you: peace is possible. You know this. You have many examples of this all over your Earth in the present – where there is war no longer – and in Earth’s history. Peace is always possible.

Peace begins in the heart of the individual; with the heart and soul speaking and thinking as one to the ego, persuading the ego that fear of homelessness is empty, a fallacy. Peace begins with the surrendering of ego-generated fear to soul-generated calm. Once the heart and soul and ego of an individual accept that peace and tolerance is paramount and that they have a personal responsibility to ensure that peace and tolerance are exemplified in their own life and actions – then peace has begun.

Such internal conflicts and considerations are challenging and a newly achieved state of peace is delicate. Fear may disturb the balance. Others around the individual may influence him or her and cause the peace process within to be interrupted. Again and again the individual must challenge himself, bring herself back to peace, must determine not to be provoked into fear again by the fear of another.

Peace is as infectious as fear. Believe that. Believe that with all your heart and mind, as your soul already believes it. When enough of you win that internal battle with your fear, you will begin to notice others around you who have done likewise. The knowledge that you are not alone in your desire for peace is liberating and comforting and exhilarating. The feelings are more nourishing than those generated by your fear. Your heart may have raced then, but those feelings were destructive. The feelings generated by inner peace are strengthening and enriching – they help you grow.

Peace will come. Believe it with every thought, every action, and every word. (Edit) Wherever you are in the world, whether in a place of peace or of conflict, believe it. Do not let doubts and fears invade your mind. Thoughts have power. Deny negative thoughts the power to engender fear, the power to destroy. Think of Gandhi, of Mandela, of the Northern Ireland peace process. For every figurehead who led by example there were millions of others who, whether directly involved or not, chose to believe in the possibility of peace and to act accordingly. Their thoughts created actions and their actions created a new reality.

All such realities are fragile – they require constant nurturing. There have been and there may be more false starts, more violence, more loss – and this makes inner conviction, positive and unwavering belief in the possibility of peace, more crucial. The nature of human existence is fragile. It is fraught with emotion, for that is the nature of a human being. But the soul is there to calm and to advise. The soul is the link to the deeper knowledge and experience of the greater self, of spirit. At the heart of that experience is a state of grace, of joy, of stillness. There is no fear.

There is no easy answer, except to say that during all such conflicts, your souls are willing you to listen; are supporting every thought, feeling or action that leans towards the stillness where understanding comes. We in spirit – your greater selves, your guides, communicators and other levels of being which provide energy and support – are all radiating that stillness, that peace, that love. You have free will and we cannot intervene directly. We are not your Greek Gods of old, dispensing thunderbolts from Mount Olympus. But if you listen, if you open yourselves, you will find the strength for peace. We wish to support you in this awakening, as we have supported others.

Hold this thought in your minds and hearts, then listen and hear it echoed by your soul. Peace is possible. Peace is achievable. What you think of as loss – the loss of the land – is a myth. You cannot lose what you never truly possessed. And what you will gain in reality is of far greater worth. Share the Earth as those microbes share your body – in balance with one another and with the host, creating no cause for conflict. Do not tell another person how to feel or act, what is theirs and what is not. Look to yourself. Change your own behaviour. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Until you truly examine yourself – understand your fears, tolerate your imperfections, find peace with yourself – how can you hope to understand your neighbour, to find peace with him? Until you are willing to share what you have – thinking of it not as sharing what is yours but as sharing what is available – how can you move away from the conflict that any concept of ownership provokes?

No human being is born wealthy or poor, privileged or deprived, right or wrong. It is the beliefs and behaviours of those surrounding the baby that make it appear so. It is the beliefs and behaviours instilled into the growing child that perpetuate those illusions. But you have free will. You can choose to reject such beliefs and cease such behaviours. You can decide to be at peace with yourself and your neighbour. You can decide to share resources rather than claim ownership of them. And you can decide to raise your children to see the benefit of doing the same.

We do not suggest this is easy. We know – I know, from direct experience – just how difficult this is. We ask only that you believe that it is possible – for your beliefs shape your actions and your actions shape the world in which you live.

Believe in peace, act in peace, shape peace in the world.







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