The poetry of angels

The Fallen Angel - Alexandre Cabanel (1847)

The Fallen Angel – Alexandre Cabanel (1847)

Over the years, my continued exploration with inspired and automatic writing has helped me to connect with a variety of different spirit communicators. Learning how their different energies feel, and their written voices sound, is fascinating.

Here is an example of writing with an angelic energy – in this case, with a fallen angel.  Unsurprisingly (choirs of angels and all that) angels tend towards the lyrical. One day, I hope to do full justice to an angel’s poetry – one of the many reasons to keep practicing to improve the quality of my connection.

Hope – 8 March 2014

To hope is to heal, to touch and feel

the world again with something more than fear.

To heal is to smile, to feel the warmth

within a heart once closed and cold.


To hope is to see the blinding blue

of sky lit up with sun, with light –

not darkened clouds or deepest night.

To hope is to have a spring upon your step,

to pace with joy and energy, not

crawl or shuffle with a fearful tread.


Hope is essential to your souls

as bread is to your bodies.

Hope is as food and air and water

to your needful growth.


Spread hope and you spread joy.

Feel hope and you feel joy.

Be hope itself, be light,

be joyful and be whole.

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