2012 was a big year for London – where I was now living – and for me.  It was the year I actively came back to spirit (not that they’d ever left me). It was the year I again sought like-minded souls in the here and now. It was the year I began the next stage on my journey and started, once more, to feel the joy that connectedness to life brings; to reconnect with the energy of the work rather than the toil (see post: ‘travels in space and time’).

And because I put myself out there, out there found me.  I found new teachers and friends in the here and now, to work alongside those in spirit. I joined a mediumship development circle and began lessons in inspired and automatic writing. I wanted to understand the mechanics of what I could do, to hone my abilities and, hopefully, to discover a way of using them to help others, as my interaction with spirit had helped me. The journey that had begun spontaneously 12 years before, now continued with wise counsel and friends from both sides of ‘the veil’.

My teachers, I discovered, were highly disciplined. I enjoyed that and I’m damned sure my guides celebrated it! My spirit writing teacher even set homework!  I still attend a writing class once a month, because at times when everyday life gets crazy, I am grateful for the calm voice that reminds me to connect with spirit and complete the tasks I have been given. Invariably the results help me cope with that day to day stuff, too.

Here’s something that came out of an early class in Inspired and Automatic Writing. The teacher asked us to write with a spirit communicator on the subject of ‘stillness’:

Stillness – 1 November 2012

Stillness is not necessarily the same as solitude, not necessarily the same as aloneness. Stillness is that state of being when you have vanquished the business of thought and deed that blocks the heart. Stillness is the quietness of the soul that can often be achieved at times when your body or even your mind is busy, distracted – its autonomous and materialistic concerns focused elsewhere.

Stillness is the moment your soul finds you, in order to speak out; where what most people would call their innermost voice can be heard. Stillness does not measure time, or effort, or choice. It just is. It is to be the essence of yourself, when all everyday cares and worries and anxieties and fears are cast aside and – in that one brief, or long, or somewhere in-between moment – only what matters is given voice.

That voice is always present but too often you drown it out in favour of more easily digestible sounds. Even if those sounds are not positive they are familiar, because your fears are as familiar as your hopes and dreams. But the still small voice of your soul whispers to you of what can be, what will be if you give the actions that match it pause. If you believe in yourself as your soul believes in you. If you give voice to what your ego would call impossible dreams; if you stretch yourself to your full height.

Stillness occurs when you least expect it but it will also come to you when you call. You must learn its triggers and its frequencies. You must learn to sing in harmony with your soul.

Be still but do not be silent. Be still but do not be inactive. Be still but do not look to others to solve your problems, for the solutions are all at hand. Be the still warrior in the silence of complacency. Be the still guardian of your soul’s true purpose. Be the still purveyor of your own blessed future.

Tap into the stillness within even the most hectic of days, for it is always there.

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