See the meadow not the mountain


One of the gentlest and most joyful exercises I’ve learned is to talk with, and write with, my soul. Taking a moment to deliberately listen to the calm voice inside yourself is immensely comforting.

Here’s what was written the first time I asked my soul ‘what do you need, do we need, from me right now?’


See the meadow not the mountain – 29 November 2012

Harmony and balance – meet me halfway. Stillness not inaction. Faith in me for we are one.

See the mountain for what it is – your fears. Trust in me, in us, in our ability to see the true path ahead. To traverse the wilderness which, in truth, is strewn with wild flowers; with joys and adventure beyond imagining.

Shine with me, for we are the sun. We are joy. Love yourself enough to let it be.

See the meadow, not the mountain.


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