Magick, nature and science

John Dee performing an experiment before Elizabeth I - Henry Gillard Glindoni (188?)

John Dee performing an experiment before Elizabeth I – Henry Gillard Glindoni (188?)

I still take a monthly class in writing with spirit – it’s good discipline! One day in Spring 2013, my teacher asked me to pick a word at random from a book and write with a communicator who was inspired by it. The word I picked was ‘mermaids’ and I was excited by how strongly the personality of this communicator came through; clearly someone who had had a life at the time of the industrial revolution, it seemed to me.

Months later, the same teacher asked me to write with a well-known communicator for the first time. I’m not one for channeling famous people and I was reluctant – but I’m very glad she insisted. I picked Dr John Dee and again, his personality came through strongly in the writing, as did his sense of humour!

Sifting through my writing a year later, to select pieces for this blog, it struck me that the similarity in their views on magic, nature and science is remarkable. Are they two souls who incarnated three centuries apart?  Or might they be the same personality?

Mermaids – 25 May 2013

Mermaids – once dreamed of, once scorned. Flowing through the imaginations of sailors who traversed the globe and of those poor souls whose petty lives were contained in a thimble.

Man creates illusions to satisfy his soul’s wanderlust. But where do the ideas come from? From deep in his soul, his unconscious mind. And there is the truth. Never allow the smoke and soot of reality to choke the air and ether of possibility. For some that would be called magic. For others it is the process of creativity. No spells, just the freedom of thought. The power of the mind and heart, harnessed for the good.

Do not place your heart in a cage, nor your mind in a dungeon. Distinguish between illusion and fact by tapping into your soul’s wisdom.

There are many things man has yet to understand and one of them is that magic and science are interwoven in the fabric of the world. They are just names for the creative force which expresses itself through you, even despite you. Learn to control it and you are indeed a king, though perhaps without a kingdom.

Allow for the possibility that mermaids were – are – real and the key to the magical kingdom of possibility is in your hands.

Magick – Dr John Dee, 22 October 2013

Hmm, what a curious thing the perception of magick is. How it is seen and interpreted by man in so many different ways. Since time immemorial man has feared it and coveted it. Sought to dissect and control it.

To control something so elemental, so instinctive, is nonsense – for it is at the heart of all of you. Magick is not a force to be harnessed, not an external energy. It is a life force running through you all, running through every living creature. It is to be drawn out and blended – caressed, shaped. Like the wind or the fire or the rain, if you attempt to bottle it, it changes form and loses its power.

I sought to understand magick, to work in harmony with it as a sailor works in harmony with the wind and the waves. The more I tried to reduce it to a formula, the more it eluded me. But there were many around me who would not believe in its elemental nature – who needed physical experiments and formulae on paper. I satisfied their ignorant lusts. I produced inspired texts that were so much stuff and nonsense. The real knowledge was in my heart, my mind, my very essence – as it is in yours and everyone’s.

And the irony is that when I sought to converse with the beings that understand your desire for that pleasure, that succour, that amazement better than any other…that is when I was called mad. That is when I was disgraced. Oh, the irony. I laugh at it now.

The diagrams, the formulae, the  blown glass vessels all meant nothing. The real connection to magick was in my heart and soul. That knowledge died with me because it is impossible to commit to paper.

Any man can be magickal because you are born through the magick of nature. Magick is the stuff that ignites and creates life from dust, from lifelessness. Magick is the beat of a heart, the brush of a butterfly’s wing. Magick is the quickening of the breath at the sight of a beloved. Life is to live, to move, to sing – that is magickal.

Seek not the answers in the physical world. Seek the magick within. Seek the knowledge that is already there. Do not scratch on a blackboard. Scratch gently at the layers of your soul – peel back the ignorance of obliviousness. See how magickal you are without trying.

Poof!  I disappear! (Laughs)




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